Registered Agent Services

It is a mandatory requirement for every entity registered in the United States, to have a Registered Agents Service. It is also known as "RA" in short. On behalf of any business The Registered Agent is responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents. These are types of documents that are sent to the RA, which include: Notice of litigation, Importantmails sent by the state, tax documents sent by the state's department of taxation.

Registered Agents' address is a matter of public knowledge and record, and should be based on a physical address in the state of formation or qualification. Post Office Boxes or a private mailbox rented from a company is not allowed.

There are some very good reasons which support the need for having a Registered Agent look after your business:

In case you are forming your company in a state where you are not located physically, it is a must to have a registered Agent with a physical address in the state of formation.

You cannot act as the registered agent for your business, if you use a post office box as your business address. In that case you will have to avail a Registered Agent Service.

When a company is involved in business which spans several states, it is imperative to have a registered agent in each of those states. This way the company which is acting as the Registered service agent is handling this important credentials for you in each state and allowing you to focus on your business.

In cases of frequent address changes, you never have to worry about address changes or the fees required to be paid to the states, as all these headaches can be taken care of by the chosen Registered Agent Service provider.

In cases where there are issues with a home based business, a registered agent can provide their address which is accessible to anyone, including the marketers. Using a registered agent provider can lessen the amount of unwelcome mail your business receives, as all these mails will be sorted by the agent.

Using a professional registered agent ensures you receive any service of process discreetly, in cases where you prefer to keep business activities private. Most business owners do not want the sheriff to show up and serve them notice that their company is being sued in front of customers, employees or neighbors (as in the case of home-based businesses).

If you set your own hours, and deviate from normal business hours, then you may wish to consider using a professional provider, so that you never miss the important communications. The registered agent for a business must be accessible during standard business hours to accept vital documents.

If your business requires you to move around frequently (an electrician who is making service calls all day), and you do not have a permanent work site, using a registered agent service provider ensures that important documents will still reach you and your business. A professional registered agent can often help you by providing online access to your accounts and important documents and assisting with the annual filing states impose on corporations and LLCs. Running your company is challenging enough without personally handling the necessary minutia.