Digital Certificates

Digital Signature Certificate services

BJtaxportal, offers a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) services to its clients, through its partner network located globally.

Nowadays, physical or paper certificates have been replaced by Digital signature certificates (DSC), which are considered to be the equivalent of paper or physical certificates, and are available in electronic formats. Passports, Drivers’ License, or any membership cards can be referred to as examples of DSC. To prove your identity, a digital certificate can be presented electronically to sign certain documents or to digitally access information or services on the Internet.

The services that we provide to our clients:-

  • Guiding and providing you with Digital Signature Certificate Application Forms.
  • Getting verified from the LRA through collection of forms along with supporting documents.
  • From one of the approved RA, getting you a Digital Signature Certificate issued.
  • If you have purchased our IT return E-filing package, then E-file your Income tax return.