Corporate Compliance Service

Bjtaxportal assists clients in a systematic way in a broad range of management issues by providing investigative and consulting services as they relate to today's complex regulatory environment. A team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals provides forensic bookkeeping, taxation and financial investigative services in an efficient method.

A corporate compliance is used to recognize and thwart violations of law by the employees, communities, investors, lenders, officers, agents, directors of a business and financial markets. Most corporate deception investigations are combined efforts involving many federal agencies. Among the penalties which apply to organizations are: fines, imprisonment, forfeits land/homes/vehicles/certain artwork, restitution, Payback taxes with interests, corporate probation, sanctions, etc.

According to the IRS act, there are provisions in the law, which holds corporate officers accountable for the content of their corporation’s financial statements, income tax returns, and their conduct relating to the management of corporate records. For such acts as for the destruction, alteration or falsification of records the Act imposes strict sentences of up to 20 years in prison in order to impede federal investigations and bankruptcies.

Corporate compliance is necessary to deal with:

  • Embezzlement – dishonestly appropriating or secreting assets.
  • Mail fraud.
  • Conspiracy.
  • Tax evasion -illegally avoiding paying taxes, failing to report, or reporting inaccurately.
  • Maintaining accounts at two different banks, but reporting only one of the accounts to the IRS.
  • Corruption.